2021 Bay Area Scriptorium

Scripture Recitation

When you register, you can pick a passage you would like to memorize and recite. If you are attending the...

Bible Competition

Besides Scripture Recitation, there will be an online competition (optional) for old and young on the book of Philippians along...

Fellowship & Rewards

Following the event, there will be online and in-person fellowship! Get together for a wonderful time of meeting old friends...

Bible Bee Workshop

In this workshop, past and present Bible Bee participants share about memorizing Scripture: its importance, the motiation, the benefits, the impact, techniques, and more! Our workshop speakers: Caleb Urdaneta Dylan George Anastasia Brown Hannah Davidsmeier Titus Alexander

Workshop speakers

A Bible-Saturated Home: Throughout the book of Deuteronomy, Moses impresses upon the children of Israel the importance of training their own children in the laws, commands, statutes, and judgments of the LORD. David in Psalms 1, 19 and 119 magnifies the Scriptures, as well as those who meditate on It...

Alexander Family

星光教会背经事工 星光教会是Ellerslie Road Baptist Church(简称ERBC)教会中的中文事工,被称为教会中的教会。星光背经事工成立于2020年9月13号,从刚刚开始的两个人,发展到现在(2021年3月)差不多200人,目前有22个背经小组。这个背经事工异象的开展,是去年9月神感动Shekina姊妹,带着一个经常和她一起读经的慕道友背经开始,神不停带领人参加,发展到现在差不多200人,背经小组从一个发展到20个,现在有差不多一半人可以从头到尾背诵雅各书(完成背雅各书差不多三个月时间),现在很多小组开始继续背以弗所书,大部分人立定心志,要背经直到见主面的日子!看到神儿女的生命因着昼夜思想神的话,被神的话改变,建造,让人无比激动!愿更多神的儿女爱慕祂的话语!阿们!

Shekina Hu 胡玉容


Pastor Joe Sun