Here, you can find the results of the Bay Area Scriptorium competition held on March 27th.

Preliminary Rounds:

1Jedidiah Persall100%
2Jamie-Daniel Hawkins95%
2Angel Bentsil95%
4Thomas Moss85%
5Trinity Bentsil75%
5Wilson Doonan75%
7Cameron Wanliss65%
8Hosanna Brown60%
9Salome Persall55%
10Caleb Shi50%
11Assurance Lu45%
12Elizabeth Brown40%
13Hallie Doonan30%
14Deborah Wu5%
Group 1, ages 5-13. Average: 62.5%

1Caleb Urdaneta100%
1Alanna Berthelot100%
3Allison Doonan96.7%
3Grace Wanliss96.7%
5Dylan George93.3%
5Samuel Moss93.3%
7Anastasia Brown90%
8Hannah Davidsmeier86.7%
9Sophia Wanliss83.3%
10Wei Zhang66.7%
11Caleb Bentsil46.7%
Group 2, ages 14 and above. Average: 85.3%

Final Rounds

Group 1 qualifiers: Jedidiah Persall, Jamie-Daniel Hawkins, Angel Bentsil, Thomas Moss, Trinity Bentsil, and Wilson Doonan.

Group 2 qualifiers: Caleb Urdaneta, Alanna Berthelot, Allison Doonan, Grace Wanliss, Dylan George, and Samuel Moss.

1Jedidiah Persall
2Thomas Moss
2Angel Bentsil
4Trinity Bentsil
5Jamie-Daniel Hawkins
6Wilson Doonan
Group 1 Finalist rankings

1Caleb Urdaneta
2Grace Wanliss
3Alanna Berthelot
3Samuel Moss
5Dylan George
6Allison Doonan
Group 2 Finalist Rankings

Congratulations to everyone and we hope to see you next year (hopefully in person???)!

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